Hi there
Welcome to the portfolios of Conor McKeown Photographer.
I've been working as a professional photographer for the last 15 years,
I studied in the UK at Nottingham Trent University and worked there for sometime. I got my degree in 1999, and since then I've been working throughout Ireland and beyond.

This website displays galleries of many recent photoshoots. I'm so lucky to have been born in this beautiful part of Ireland and it has enriched my creativity when I'm 'out there' at work. I enjoy the challenge of photographing People, portraits or features for magazines. Seeing the sitters reactions when they recieve the finished pieces is one of the jobs many rewards 
Here you will find library images, feature portraits, Personal projects & landscapes. 
I submit photographs to the National papers, magazines and journals.
I work closely with PR companies, local media including Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Sligo Champion, Connaught Tribune,Donegal Democrat and Western People. I have a vast archive of assignments from 12 years working here in the West.
My archive is upto date as assignments are photographed.
If you need professional photographs or a Profesional photographer dont hesitate to contact me,
I can upload a folder of images for you to view within hours. I can also provide you with a quotation or proposal for whatever images you may need .
Now.......its back to the camera, the light and the action.